I have been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2007 and hold a Black Belt under John Kavanagh of SBG Ireland.

I currently coach the Jiu Jitsu team at SBG D24.


Dublin BJJ Open White Belt -70 Bronze

Irish BJJ Open White Belt -70 Silver
Informed performance No Gi Intermediate -70 Gold

Dublin Open White Belt -70 Gold
Irish No Gi Open Intermediate -70 Gold
Munster open Advanced No Gi -75 Bronze
British Open No-Gi Blue Belt -67.5 Gold
Irish Open GI Blue Belt -70 Bronze

Irish No Gi Cup Advanced -76 Silver and Absolute Bronze
Tallaght Open No-Gi Advanced -80 Absolute Bronze
Munster Open Advanced -75 No-Gi Gold, Blue belt Gi -76 Bronze
Irish BJJ Cup Blue Belt Absolute Gold
Tallaght Open No-Gi Advanced -80 Absolute Gold.

Irish Open Purple Belt -76 Gold
Grapplepalooza Purple Belt -76 Gold
Munster Open Purple Belt -76 Gold
Premier BJJ Open Bristol -76 gold, Absolute Silver
Vision Glasgow open -76 Gi Purple Belt Gold, -76 No Gi Advanced Gold
British No Gi Open Purple -73.5 Gold, Absolute Silver

Subf15teen Superfights x3. winner of Fight of the Night
ADCC Ireland Elite -75 Bronze
Northern Ireland Invitational Purple Belt Absolute Silver
Premier BJJ Cup Gold -76 Purple
Irish Open – 82 Purple Silver
IBJJF London International Open -70 Bronze

Pro Fight No Gi Euro Championship -73.5 Gold
Grapplepalooza Gold -76, Silver Absolute
Subf15teen Super fight Silver
DCBJJO -76 Purple Gold
Irish Open -82KG Purple Bronze
Vulkan open Long Beach California -76kg Gold
Grapplepalooza No Gi -73.5 Gold
IBJJF London Open Gi -76 Purple Silver
IBJJF London Open No-Gi -73.5 Purple Gold

Naga Brown -76kg Gold

SubOver80 No Gi Expert -80kg Silver
British No Gi Open -76 Brown Silver

IBJJF Munich Open No Gi -73.5 Brown Gold
IBJJF Munich Open No Gi -76 Brown Silver
IBJJF Dublin Open -70kg Black belt Gold

IBJJF Poznan Open -76kg Black belt Silver
IBJJF Munich Open -76kg Black belt Bronze
IBJJF Irish Nationals -70kg Black belt Gold (Default)

IAWA lvl 1  Wrestling coach

IBJJF Certified Referee

Competed at the IBJJF Europeans championships gi and no gi 11 times in total.

Competed at the IBJJF World Championships gi and no gi 4 times in total.





I am available for private training, contact me here for more information.